More path

Today I continued working on the path I started yesterday. I had to dig deep grass further to the right. It is slow work and my back is broken.
I had a lovage and a pineapple sage in pots for a while, since these get so big, I couldn't decide where to put them. Lying down paths makes decisions easier, as I can visualise better how things will go further from here.

I collected some muscari (grape hyacinth) seeds from the ripe pods.
The white muscari I planted some time ago have completely disappeared. I think the shredded branch mulch is serving as shelter for slugs. I collected 4 or 5 sugar snap peas and that's all the slugs and snails have left of the pea plants, and all the beans have disappeared as well (also mulched). So... I think I have to find another way. Perhaps grit. Sigh.
Well, the insane amount of rain we've been having is surreal as well.

At least not all strawberries have been munched:

We aren't having tomatoes in full ground this year, and perhaps in years to come. Mine were sown way too late and are very small still. We got these two from my in-laws. The redneck roof went back up again over the unfinished terrace to protect them from the rain.


Some images from today

Ripe muscari seed pods

An indoor phalaenopsis



Borage buds

Walnut young leaves

California poppy

White anemone and fly

Lark ascending and bug

Lark ascending

The first Rosa mulliganii have opened

Unknown herb (I forgot to take a note in the garden centre) and bee

Same bee

My work for today


Lark Ascending

The first bud opened up...

...and proceeded to get drenched.

The scent is faint, but these are so handsome all is forgiven.

More to come...

Already worse for wear with so much rain

I forget what these little guys I sowed are


Honeysuckle recovering well

Borago explosion soon!

California poppy

Red bug


Some pictures

We've had rain. Like, exclusively.

And one evening, the weirdest light I've ever seen. Greenish blue just before sunset.

Yesterday evening, my first ranunculus bud!

Calla lily

These which I don't know what they are...

This is one of the heaps of ground we now have in the garden,
which has been quickly colonised by weeds, nasturtiums and borage,
and they've grown 20 cm in a few days with all the water!


Waiting for love-in-a-mist

Some callas in pots

Some peas are making do, but most are munched down

Lark ascending coming soon!

Another cut flower photo (Margaret Merrill)