I am not trying to build a cutting garden, but I could not resist these. They are my first cut flowers. It is raining so, so much! no garden time for me.

The yellow roses are from a rose... plant, I cannot call it a bush, that was already in the garden when we arrived. It is overgrown by ivy which we are now cutting back because we are working on the terrace. Last year it gave one single rose, but this year, with a bit more space, it's coming with several. I may have to move it when the time is right.


So this happened

It is raining, as usual, but!

Margaret Merrill #1 is blossoming and the scent is SO good! love the shell-coloured centre.


Two days ago

This may be a Papaver pizzicato, but I won't know until it opens.

Bumblebee busy on chives

Waiting for Margaret merrill to open

Anyone any idea what's going on here? Three buds on the Lark ascending were
cut-off in this manner with the black sap coming out.
I Googled but haven't found anything like this...


Yesterday's photos

A walk around the garden:

Immature apples

Bee in thyme

Ladybug on sage leaf

First time I find a buttercup in our grass,
love how glossy they are

The lilacs we planted last year have bloomed!
nicely scented

A bee visiting the iris germanica

Snail on broom

Margaret Merrill bud



Willow sprouting back!

Stages of hawthorn blossoms

The fern corner is slowly filling up :)

These are the original ferns, which are very elegant


Today, and a few other pictures.

I've continued digging out grass on this long weekend.

So much work here!
Now I have to extend the path I started last weekend and decide what to plant here. On the strip on the long side of the existing "bed", I sprinkled three small packets of wildflower mixes and some extra love-in-a-mist. In a small corner to the right of the apple tree, I sprinkled s mall packet of forget-me-nots.

Anticipation!! Margaret Merrill.
First pole beans are out!
More anticipation!! (grapevine)
Rucola, lettuce
The evicted Boston ivy is making do in a pot.
Three really bad photos, posted for reference:

Honeysuckle I put in this homemade trellis last weekend.
It was drying out because I had forgotten about it.

Here I planted some bulbs and sprinkled some seeds
some time ago, things are starting to get interesting!

Zantedeschia anticipation
and the worst image in this blog yet!
These are from some days back. Some from rainy days:

Rogue ferns

Hello there

These guys are kind of cute

Can Cargol!

White blooms

I almost always choose white flowers. Of course blossoms naturally are most often white, which helps. A few photos, all phone snapshots. 6th May:


10th May:


Japanese quince


Medlar anticipation

Apple petals



Clematis Joe


Medlar with a visitor




Iris germanica alba