Today I sowed (?) stuff in the area Pim cleared away.

First, all along the perimeter I sowed a mix of seeds we got in a box, supposed to deter slugs. They're gonna be laughing all the way to the bank. In any case I'm at least hoping for some nice flowers, it's like dwarf nasturtium, borago, calendula and stuff like that.

Then I used some long bamboo sticks held in place with small bits of bamboo to make little "paths" limiting the "beds".

In order from the front towards the back of the picture, I planted a little bit of rucola (path), three rows of karina peas, which are low (path); three rows of paris market or something carrots [which are small and round] (path); one row of egyptian? beets [also small](path);  and two rows of radishes, one red and one white tipped, that came in ribbons (handy).

I actually ran out of peas (packet was like two years old) by the end of the first row (first in the picture) so I put in a few more beets there, closer to the wall.

We'll see!

We also replanted a Boston ivy at the front. Unfortunately last year's didn't make it :( I am afraid I underestimated how dry the conditions are on the front fa├žade. At least the local garden center has just the kind I like.

New Boston ivy

 I also took a few photos with the camera.

Welcome to your summer!

Hi there smaller ones.

This dude hovered and I thought it looked more like a bee than a fly.
In the photo now the wings look like a fly's to me.

Loki as usual trying to chew on branches.

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