Today's harvest. Very little has ripened in the last week due to rain. Lots and lots of rain.
The curcubitas are getting roya (I forget the English right now, a white moldy thing) because it's too damn wet. Just the two pumpkins seems like it's gonna be.
The tomato that fell off appears to have broken at the beginning of the stem so today I removed everything. I'll probably plant something else in there tomorrow.
The sage is doing great.


Victim of its own success

I simply don't find the time to post about the garden. I probably have it, but I don't find it.

This tomato plant fell due to its weight in tomatoes. Slugs (veritable plague this year, with all the rain) got at it. Many tomatoes have holes and have become snack-houses.

No matter, we still have more tomatoes than we can eat. Not so courgettes. Next year we should plant them higher up or somehow make the surrounding area drier. Perhaps grit.