Foxgloves +

Not much going on in the garden. It's been raining a lot.

At the back the bumblebees are enjoying the raspberry flowers. The foxgloves are also opening, but I haven't seen any insect activity.

White foxgloves

Apparently these are purplish


This ivy is taking over!

Two kinds of occupants!

State of the seedlings


Raised bed update

Stuff on the raised bed keeps on getting munched! I don't know what does it, there are no signs of anything. No snail or slug trails, no signs on the ground.

Raised bed with a veil
I did this quick fix a few days ago. The next day I found it a bit broken on one side and sunk. Looked like a cat jumped on it! I could somewhat fix it. Some more sprouts came about, only to be munched again, this time with no sign of entry whatsoever! it's a mystery.

I'll have to start the seedlings indoors and transplant when the plants are stronger.

Some pictures


Wild strawberries

Last year's foxgloves in bloom!



Tiny strawberries

Sage in bloom

Lavender in bloom


Tomato roof and herbs

About a week ago we got some materials and for a few days we were working on a temporary roof against two walls, under which we want to plant tomatoes and peppers.

Awkward angles

Ready for tomatoes

Last year we planted a few plants in the same spot, under a sheet of polyethylene, and they grew beyond our expectations, we had planted them too close together and it was an utter jungley mess, still we had a lot of tomatoes. It is a protected and very sunny spot.

This year we'll plant more plants, of different varieties, plus peppers, which we didn't plant last year. We already planted the tomatoes the 4th of May, since they were already large for the time of year. The pepper are still smaller and we'll plant later.

Cherry tomato already has flowers. Note the snail.

Varieties are: some unidentified cherry, Montserrant, mallorquin & muchamiel (last three from Spanish seed packets).

Eventually we want to build a greenhouse against these walls, but that will take a few years, so the roof will do meanwhile.

I also planted some more herbs, mint, parsley (I planted some a while ago, apparently in a bad spot, there's barely anything left) and tarragon plant. I planted the tarragon and parsley against the foxgloves and where a tomato will be, for some shadow. The mint is in full sun.