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I have decided to start a digital gardening diary. As attractive as a the idea of a real diary is, which would even give me the possibility of making the book itself and write and draw on it, tagged, dated, browsable and searchable text is too convenient, so let's be practical.

I may still make a book, why not have both? (because time, but nevermind).

So, a little bit of context: we bought a house with a garden last year. We are refurbishing the house in depth, have been for a year, and that will still take a long time, a long time until we move and a long time until we are "finished", probably years. I am keeping a blog of that as well. And I have an "art" blog, too. That's taking a back seat at the moment.

My intention is for this to be very practical (for me) with information about the garden itself, but I do not rule out the odd tutorial or whatnot. Probably of little use to anyone else, but just in case, there goes this intro.

Our house is a narrow town rowhouse, and the garden is very, very long and narrow. 5 x 30 metres or thereabouts. It is right now a wilderness (mostly grasses and dandelions), with a rather nice hawthorn tree at the back and a few wild berry bushes. The hawtorn is mature and was already there, which is nothing short of fantastic since I wanted to plant precisely a hawtorn in my garden, a tree that has special significance to me, and lo, there was already one (I hadn't realized the fact until months after we bought the house, it is a bit of a jungle back there).

I also have always kept a lot of house plants. I mainly have ferns, some orchids and a few succulents. I love ferns and mosses. I grow ferns from spores. I am sure I will be posting about my house plants as well.

Why Can Cargol?

I am Catalan and this means house of the snail or something to that effect. "Can" is rather like "Chez" in French. There are lot, LOTS of snails in our garden. Also lots of slugs. But mostly snails. They eat certain vegetables, but I do love them too much to wage war on them. We'll have to learn to live together.

Some random garden pictures from 2013:

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