I just found the first of theseweird pumpkins! They must be from the ornamental package. They're still very small, I hope they don't get eaten.
The lemon verbena is doing fantastic. It is not frost resistant though. I planted it in the soil because it was dying in a pot.
Gathered two more tomatoes and a bunch of padrón peppers, plus some others.


Late tomatoes

With the hurry of work in the house before we move, I have been neglecting the garden. Not that much is happening anymore.

I was surprised to harvest these tomatoes today, and also three more ornamental pumpkins that I didn't take a picture of. There's two or three more butternut squashes growing, yay! U hope it is not too late.

The piquillo pepper is finally covered in fruit, very late, but I hope they ripen. I'll keep an eye on them.



Today's harvest. Very little has ripened in the last week due to rain. Lots and lots of rain.
The curcubitas are getting roya (I forget the English right now, a white moldy thing) because it's too damn wet. Just the two pumpkins seems like it's gonna be.
The tomato that fell off appears to have broken at the beginning of the stem so today I removed everything. I'll probably plant something else in there tomorrow.
The sage is doing great.


Victim of its own success

I simply don't find the time to post about the garden. I probably have it, but I don't find it.

This tomato plant fell due to its weight in tomatoes. Slugs (veritable plague this year, with all the rain) got at it. Many tomatoes have holes and have become snack-houses.

No matter, we still have more tomatoes than we can eat. Not so courgettes. Next year we should plant them higher up or somehow make the surrounding area drier. Perhaps grit.


30 June 2014

Some quick camera snapshots.

Next to the front door Boston Ivy, wildflowers
from a packet. Not sure what they are.
Round courgette.
Piquillo pepper.
Butternut squash.
Round courgette.
Tomato (Mallorquí I believe).
This one I think is Montserrat.
Cherry tomatoes.
Cherry tomatoes.
Montserrat tomatoes.
White lavender.
Ornamental gourds.
Ornamental gourds.
Ornamental gourds.
Round courgette.
Group picture.



... a few more pics. Things I planted today:

Some sweet peas that were forgotten in a pot

Cucumber for pickling. I have a feeling it will get eaten.
 On the garden bed, sprouts! finally:

Low peas


 I put the gifted Stevia in an empty terracotta pot, shading the Clematis (Joe), which after losing its flowers a long time ago, is growing many new shoots and leaves:

Stevia and clematis

I love Pak Choy. I had these seedlings getting leggy behind the window. In a few days outside on the windowsill with a larger pot, they've become much stronger:

Pak Choy
 Passionflower, some herbs, another cucumber:

Sunny windowsill


The same, but better

This post is basically the same than the previous two or three (photos of everything), but today I brought the actual camera with me, so these are better than the usual phone pictures.

Without further ado...

The redneck garden



Various peppers

Tomatoes and herb garden

Potted strawberry, laurel, olive, rosemary

Pepper flower

Baby peppers!

Pepper flowers

Salvia seems to be the herb that does the best,
but I'm happy to report that all seem to do great!

Nasturtium overtaking oregano

Tomatoes :)))

Young olive tree


Small tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Tomato flowers and fruits

Lavandula alba

White lavender


Boston ivy :DDD

Lovely Boston ivy

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii

Nasturtiums (Yeti - I'm not a fan, they're not
really white, in which case I prefer the orange ones)

Butternut squash

Verbena bonariensis, the flower spikes
are very tall!

Rosa rugosa

Rosa Mulliganii 1 growing like crazy

Rosa Mulliganii 2